Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 17: Woodburn, OR

This was the only morning that grandma didn’t make us a breakfast. I kept telling her that we usually just have cold cereal and that she was spoiling us, so that’s what we had! Then Adam and I ran into town to fill gas before we left tomorrow morning, and pick up some milk for grandma.

We played some cards with grandma and grandpa, then Carla showed up, and we had lunch. After lunch, Kim and Kassie showed up and we played dice, cards, and Wii all afternoon. Myron and Kevin came over and Kevin worked in the garden with Kassidy. Carla, Adam, and I ended up talking out on the swing about how every family has their goods and bads, and Carla told us some stories from growing up and when I was a kid, and I told some of my memories, and mentioned some stories Adam had told me about him growing up.

After dinner, Carla had to get going, because she had to work in the morning, and Myron and Kevin had some bees to move. Kim and Kassie stuck around for a little while and played more games, but I was tired. So they left and I packed up some of our stuff, so it would be quicker in the morning, and we went to bed.

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