Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 18-19: Homeward Bound!

We got up about 5:45am and showered, packed up the car, and waited for Myron and Kevin to show up. When they showed up Kevin was carrying a 3-gallon tub of honey asking if we had room. We found room in the back next to Corey’s tv. I’m not sure if we’ll have enough, but we might be able to share with mom and dad. :)

We all went to church at St. Mary’s in Mt. Angel, then Myron and Kevin took us out to breakfast in Canby. I had Eggs Benedict, and wondered if mom was making them for Sunday brunch for the boys at home. Then we were on the road headed for home!

We were both excited to get home and debated whether we would drive through the night or stop at a hotel (or even just a wayside rest for a nap). I took a shift in the evening and Adam ended up driving through the night. We made it home around noon, and emptied some of the car. We ended up going to bed around 2:30pm, Adam pretty much slept through the night, but since I had dozed in the car while he was driving, I got up around 7pm, but was still tired enough to go back to bed around 10pm.

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