Thursday, December 25, 2014

We All Have Stories: Our 2014 Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas 2014

This year has been a wonderful year for the Gibson family, and we hope it has been for yours as well! Here's a run down on our family, starting with our smallest, newest member!

Samuel David

was born on September 28, only 22 minutes after his due date. He is, by far, the most loved on person in this house! He loves to coo, babble, & smile at all of us. In his two months, he's already started rolling from his tummy to his back, and has already had his first ER visit (a cold has been running though our family, and it struck the poor little guy pretty hard).


is growing up so fast! While he still doesn't have a ton of words, we love seeing the new things he is learning how to do... like, climb up the front of the fridge. He's a ball full of energy and dimples. This fall I started “school” with Nate. He always wanted to do what Nora was doing, so even though he's a little young (the curriculum I am using is for 2 year olds, and he'll turn 2 right before Christmas), I started him anyway. He loves sitting and “daw” (drawing) with us.


turned 3 this year, and many doors have opened for her. She was old enough to take a dance class. While she wasn't the greatest participant in the beginning, by the last class, she knew the whole routine for their dance (“The Wheels on the Bus”). She loved going to dance class, and we will probably sign her up again! This fall she was also old enough to start faith formation at church. I signed her up thinking that it would be nice for her to have a teacher other than me at home, but I have ended up being one of the teachers for her class. She has continued on in her “school” as well, and has been working on the 3 year old curriculum since late spring.

would have turned 4 this year. We had a birthday party for her. One of our good friends made a beautiful cake for her birthday, that when we cut into, we found out that Sam (who we had just had an ultrasound with) was going to be a boy. We still feel so blessed to have her as our daughter, even though we're not raising her.


(that's me!) worked as a Title I instructor at St. Agnes during the last school year. I've also continued working as a personal math tutor for a few different students. And, of course, teaching our own kiddos. In February, my mom and I took Nora & Nate to Oregon to see my grandma for the last time. She died shortly after we returned.


was officially hired on at Danfoss Power Solutions in March of this year (before that he was working there through a temp agency). He still continues to work early AM's at UPS too. He has also been working on losing weight, and has lost 25 pounds so far, mostly by working out, but he's also been watching how much he eats. I'm very proud of him for sticking with it for so long, and committing to lead a healthy life. He also “ran” his first 5k in June. He came in at 1:07:00 just behind his pregnant wife (who had to stop twice for a potty break), and our sleeping toddler in the stroller.

We hope your 2014 was as blessed as ours was, and that your 2015 brings you much more joy!

All our love,

The Gibsons

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