Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 3: Tuba City

We wanted to leave Denver after rush hour traffic. We walked around the mall 16th Street Mall again, and found a couple places to try breakfast at, but we ended up at Einstein Brother’s Bagels. We ended up leaving Denver by almost 9am, and until we got on the road, we forgot that it was Saturday, and there was no rush hour that we had to wait for.

We spent about 10 hours driving, and Adam drove for most of it. When I’m in the car riding along, I like to watch the scenery, but sometimes I get bored with just that. So I snapped lots of pictures through the window. Of course, many didn’t turn out very well (there’s reflections from the windows or a sign or car in the way), but some turned out pretty well!

Around dinner time, we started searching in the GPS for food near our destination, but it said the nearest places for food was 50+ miles behind us, and we weren’t turning back! We kept on driving, and in Kayateen we saw several places to stop and eat, none of which were listed in the GPS. We figured that Tuba City (where we decided that we would stop for the night) would have food, as it was a pretty big city, but we didn’t want to risk it. So we stopped in this little town.

We stopped at Sonic first, as Adam really likes it, but they didn’t have a bathroom. So we jumped back in the car, and went to the BK Lounge (yes, we listened to Dane Cook in the car). There were three dogs just laying in the grass right outside the door that didn’t appear to have any owners (or none that took very good care of them anyway). And in the back part of the parking lot there were two mules. I snapped a picture of the mule in the parking lot, as it’s something you don’t really see anywhere (except here I suppose).

Around 6:30pm we got into Tuba City (apparently part of the Navajo Nation, who is going to be electing their president soon – vote for Linda Lovejoy). There wasn’t much to do there, and we were pretty tried (yes, sitting on your butt all day in a car makes you tired… strangely enough).

In the morning, we ate breakfast at the restaurant that was next to the hotel with our complimentary breakfast tickets, but had to pay for our orange juice. Then we headed towards the Grand Canyon.

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