Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 14: Woodburn, OR

Adam and I got up early around 5am, though we hadn’t slept very well, and hit the road hoping to beat traffic on the 405. We did, and got to I-5 just fine, heading for Mt. Angel, OR to stay with my grandparents. We listened to some CD’s that Jacque had borrowed us called “Stephen Colbert: I Am America (And So Can You).”

We ended up getting to my grandparent’s about 7pm, and my aunt Kim and cousin Kassidy had just gotten there. Shortly later, my uncles Myron and Kevin came over too. Kevin had picked up kabobs to grill on the Trager grill. Kassidy brought me back to the garden and we picked some berries. We watched Kevin feed the kitties. Myron and Kevin didn’t stick around too long, but Kim and Kassidy stuck around for a while.

Adam and I had made Mii’s on grandma & grandpa’s Wii. Grandma & grandpa love playing bowling and others games on it. Grandma is very proud of her star ball when she bowls. We played a few games, then Kim and Kassidy left, and Adam & I went to bed.

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