Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 10: Los Angles, CA

Today I packed up a good chuck of Jacque & Corey’s kitchen. I tried to keep out what we would still be using, but I didn’t know what Jacque would be making for dinners and what-not. (I still ended up packing away stuff that we needed, but we improvised!)

We ended up using all the boxes that they had gotten from the Home Depot, so we went back and got more. When we were checking out, I was holding Addy while Jacque was paying. The cashier-lady asked Adam a question, and Adam said he wasn’t in charge and pointed to Jacque. The cashier figured we were all related somehow (and she was right), but she was so totally way off when she guessed as to how we were related. She pegged Jacque as the mom (correct, to a point), and Adam and I as her children, and Addy as Jacque’s granddaughter (my daughter). On the way out, I made sure to ask ‘granny’ if she had her keys.

Kelly came over for dinner and brought some green beans and potato salad, and Jacque made chicken with a homemade barbeque sauce. ‘Twas delicious! Then we all pretty much say in front of the tv and vegged. After Addy had gone to bed, Adam ended up on the computer while us girls watched a documentary show about Justin Bieber. Yeah, um, no comments please!

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