Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 11: Los Angles, CA

Today we had a lot of errands to run. Jacque had to go to Verizon to get a cell phone (she had to turn in her work cell on her last day of work). So while Adam and Jacque were in the store, I walked up and down the strip mall with Addy trying to keep her entertained. She loved the carts outside one store and the plants outside the Verizon store. (She is much easier to keep up with than my nephew, Miles).

Then we went to an indoor mall that had a play area for Addy, but first we stopped at Old Navy. They were having a sale where you got 25% off if you showed your student or teacher ID. So Adam used his ID to get Jacque a discount, then Addy took the card from him before he could use it for his discount (the cashier still gave it to him). :) After we had done our shopping, Jacque let Addy play at the little play yard.

On our way home, even though it wasn’t dinner time, we stopped at Five Guys and picked up some burgers. Of course we weren’t hungry come dinner time, but when it got close to bed time, we started to get hungry. But, nobody wanted to eat right before bed, so we all went to bed hungry.

I thought we would stay up until Corey (Jacque’s fiancĂ©) got home from a bachelor party in Ohio. But I think we were all (except Addy, of course) still awake. Adam and I could hear him come in the front door, as the Addy’s room (where we were staying) had a window looking out to the front door. And we heard Jacque get up to help him.

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