Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 5: Birthday in Vegas, NV

We slept in until about 9am, got up and showered. While Adam was showering, I called the 800 number to order tickets to Mystére using Adam’s military discount. We weren’t sure if they would take it when we got there, as his ID is expired, but we thought we’d give it a shot.

Adam kept asking me what I wanted to do since it was my birthday. I hadn’t been to Vegas before, but he had, so I wanted him to give me suggestions as to what we could do. We ended up going to McDonalds at the MGM Grand for lunch, then the Coke bottle to see if we could get tickets to tomorrow night’s Tournament of Kings at the Excalibur. They didn’t have tickets except for that night. So we figured we’d stop tomorrow to see if they had them then.

Later that evening, we drove to Papa John’s to pick up a pizza for dinner. We got two larges and a two-liter, so that we would have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. We watched dinner and ate our pizza, and chilled (since it was 111º outside) in our room until it was time to go pick up our tickets for the show.

We ended up leaving late, the show was at 9:30pm, doors opened at 9pm, and we were supposed to pick up our tickets at 8:30pm. We got there about ten to eight, and there was quite the line. I was worried that they would resell our tickets if we didn’t get there in time, but they said we just might miss the beginning of the show (which we didn’t!).

We got in line for our will-call tickets. When we got up to the desk, we told the lady our name and she pulled up our order. She asked for my license and military ID. Adam figured when she took it that she would see it was expired and make us pay another $106 for another ticket. But she didn’t. She just recorded his name and social number on the back. Though, she did tell us that we had a $2 balance. I told her that I had paid in full over the phone and I didn’t bring anything else with me. She said that the lady on the phone had rung it up wrong, and I still owed $2, because there was a fee for will-call tickets. I told that that was too bad, but it was not my fault that someone miss-quoted it and charged me the wrong amount. She managed to change the order somehow so that we didn’t owe more money.

Then we got in line to get into the theater. It was quite a long line, but seats are all reserved, so it didn’t matter how quickly we got in. It didn’t seem to take too long. The start of the show had an old fellow walking around and seating people in the wrong places and entertaining the crowd while we waited for the real show to start. I really enjoyed the show and all the amazing acrobatics. They did some cool stuff with a teeter-totter, and Adam asked me if that’s how me and the neighbor boys broke our teeter-totter. I told him no, but that we should try it out sometime.

After the show, we asked the bartender for a glass of ice water (which we started doing anytime we went outside to carry along our way), and we walked all the way back down to our end of the strip.

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