Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 16: Woodburn, OR

Grandma made French toast again for breakfast. Adam read his book and played the Wii, while I talked with grandpa. He shared a book with me that was a 100 year history of Hague, ND, the place where grandpa had grown up. He told me about his family, and how he had left the farm and headed to Bismark to find a job. I found my name (mentioned as a child of one of grandpa’s children) in the book, and found a copy of a contract between the school and a teacher in 1913. She was to be paid less than $45 at the end of each month for teaching several different grades.

Soon Carla came with dinner in hand and started cooking it on the Traeger, and then Kim and Kassidy showed up. We decided to go to Silver Falls State Park and walk the trails. The state park has eleven waterfalls, and we saw four of them (Upper North, North, Twin, and Winter Falls). We walked a little over three miles, and Kassidy (who has club feet) did really well with all the walking.

Before we got all the way home, we stopped at Boschler Hardware to pick up more pellets for our Traeger grill (they’re much cheaper out here then back home, plus there’s no sales tax). When we got back, Carla and Kim helped finish getting dinner ready, and we ate. After dinner, we played some cards, and Carla, Kim and Kassidy left. Myron and Kevin stuck around to watch wrestling with grandma and grandpa, while Adam and I read our books, then went to bed.

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