Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 9: Los Angles & Hollywood, CA

Jacque had to work today, so she took Addy to daycare in the morning. Adam and I hung out at her place for a little while, waiting for rush hour. Then we headed out to Hollywood. We parked in a “parking structure” at a mall on Highland and Hollywood. Jacque said that if we went in there and just bought a bottle of water or something, that they would validate our parking, so it would only be $2. We walked around the mall a little bit, and on the third floor, we had a decent view of the Hollywood sign. It was an overcast day, so it wasn’t the greatest, but it was better than driving around trying to catch a glimpse between buildings.

Then we walked out onto the street along the walk of fame. There were a lot of names that I recognized, but also a lot that I didn’t. Then we stopped at the Chinese Mann Theater. It was neat to see all the prints from different people. We even saw one that saw Billy Hart (which is the name of one of Adam’s cousins).

Then we continued on and crossed the street to walk back towards the mall where we parked. There were a couple souvenir stores that we stopped in and walked around. Of course, they all have the same stuff that souvenir stores across the country have, but just with a different city/ state name on it. Outside the Disney store, we saw Winnie the Pooh, so I had to take a picture!

After we had enough of seeing stars, we got in the car, and headed down the 101, the PCH, the Pacific Coast Highway. We thought about getting out and walking, but it was cold (I had goose bumps just sitting in the car), and parking was fairly expensive. We saw a lot of surf boarders heading out to catch some waves.

We ended up getting back to Thousand Oaks before Jacque thought she would get off work (and Jacque ended up at work, later than she thought she would be for her last day). Until she got off work and picked up Addy, we hung out at a couple different malls. Then headed back to her house, but she was still at work. So, we walked to a mall right by her house that had mostly restaurants, but they had a “lake” with coy in it.

On our way back to Jacque’s, I saw a store called “It’s a Girl Thing” that was closing. We walked over to it, and they had some good deals on some cute clothes, but we left our cash in the car. But, I figured that Jacque and I could go back there later.

Eventually Jacque got home, and we hung out for a while, and then headed to the Wood Ranch to meet, Abe, one of Adam’s army buddies for dinner. Adam made fun of me for, again, getting a Caesar salad. He tried two of their different barbecue items, and shared a taste with me. It was a delicious dinner.

Since Addy was getting cranky at the restaurant, Jacque took her home early. When we got home Addy was sound asleep, and we all went to bed shortly after we got home.

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