Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 12: Los Angles, CA

On Monday, the cable internet & tv were shut off. So it was down to work. Corey & Adam went to Best Buy to get rid of a couple of computers that didn’t work. Jacque’s Mac book stopped working, and since I am going to be getting a Mac book at my new job, I got the extra charger.

Later Jacque, Corey, and Addy ran to Verizon to add Jacque to Corey’s plan, and run some other errands. While they were gone, Adam and I went to two different CVS’s to try to find SoBe lifewaters (which we had gotten a rain check for from the CVS back home when they were on sale buy one, get one – and I had buy one, get one coupons, so they would have been free!). But we had no luck. So we ended up picking some up at Target with my bogo coupons, but I had forgotten that in California you have to pay a five cent deposit on any cans and bottles you purchase. Kind of made me miss home and the good deals I know how to get there, everything is more expensive out here.

When we got home, Kelly was already over cleaning up a little. And shortly after we got back, Jacque & Corey came home too. We did some more packing, and Corey made tritip steak kabobs on the grill, and Jacque made a vinaigrette salad with blue cheese crumbled on it. (When mom makes salads at home, she always puts the stuff on the sides – kind of a make your own – and I always though blue cheese was gross, but I tried it and liked it! Look at me, expanding my taste pallet!) :)

Later, Kelly left, and Addy was in bed, so Jacque, Corey, Adam, and I all squished on the couch and watched a movie called “The Gamer.” It was about how this one guy created a video game, similar to the Sims, but players were actually controlling real people. These people got paid to “be” the game, and had no control, what-so-ever, over their bodies while they were “at work.” But then he created a new game called “Slayers” same concept as before, but this time like Call of Duty. And people actually died. But the creator said it was all okay, because these people were in jail on death row anyway… of course I won’t spoil the whole movie for you! Decent movie, but not really my type of movie.

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