Monday, February 15, 2016

Review: Classroom Friendly Pencil Sharpener

My 4-year-old daughter, Nora, is starting to do more hand writing, but hates worksheets. She got a journal for Christmas from Daddy, and is loving writing sentences in it (with my help, of course), and drawing a picture to go with the sentence.

She had been using markers for pretty much everything, but I thought it was time to have her start using pencils. Being a former math teacher at a school that closed, you'd think I'd have enough pencils, sharpeners, and erasers. Nope. I had loads of unsharpened pencils, a few erasers, and absolutely no pencil sharpener! (I don't understand how that happened! Not even one of those itty bitty ones that you pinch between your fingers.)

So my search for a pencil sharpener began. Since we're planning on homeschooling for the foreseeable future, I wanted to get one that would last, and I wouldn't have to replace all the time. Being a math teacher, and having to stop my teaching so a student could sharpener his/her pencil, I also wanted one that was relatively quite that wouldn't interrupt me working the our other children. I checked some homeschool groups on Facebook for ideas and recommendations, and I stumbled across Classroom Friendly Supplies' Pencil Sharpener. It looked like a pencil sharpener that would work for our homeschool, so I requested to review one.

When I first opened it, Nora started playing with it, and the face plate popped forward. I was scolding her for breaking it, until I realized that it was supposed to come out, so that it would hold the pencil and draw it in as you were sharpening. Since we haven't mounted it, I had to hold the sharpener down while I cranked the handle, which was a little tougher for Nora's small hands, but she managed just fine! She then wanted to sharpen a bunch of pencils, so I pulled out some of those broken, unsharpened pencils I had laying around and let her have at it! I figured she'd need some help with it, but I left the kitchen and when I came back she had already sharpened several.

Once I finally got to play with it more, all that was left to sharpen was colored pencils. (Thanks, Nora!)
Fresh & Ready to Color!

-Really quite compared to all the ones I've had in classrooms
-Holds the pencil in there straight to avoid little hands breaking it inside and jamming it
-Doesn't "eat" the pencils, but gives a nice smooth point

Pencil Shavings Left on the Table

-Super fine, sharp points on the pencils quickly break when littles are still learning how hard to press (I discovered if you don't sharpen it until the face plate meets up with the sharpener it will give you a "duller" point, which is easier for my littles to write with, so it's more something to be aware of than a super big con when considering to purchase it)
-Leaves little a bit of a mess (okay, I haven't found a pencil sharpener that doesn't do this, but the shavings still drive me crazy, so I have to list it as a con)