Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 15: Woodburn, OR

Adam & I slept in. I woke up before Adam, but Adam woke up later to the smell of French toast, bacon, & sausage. We ate breakfast, and showered, but before I could do my hair, my aunt Carla showed up. We sat around and chatted, and walked around the yard. Carla showed us where she had done a lot of weeding, but you couldn’t tell anymore, since no one had done it since.

My cousin Jen had said she would come over with her new baby (who is about a month older than Danni), but her fiancĂ© wasn’t feeling well, so Carla (her mom) went to pick her up. While she was gone, Kim and Kassidy came back over, and it wasn’t long until Carla was back with Jen and baby Madison.

Jen gave Madison to me almost right away to hold, and seemed very happy to let me hold her and play with her. I enjoyed every minute of it! Madison, with her big blue eyes, just like her mom and her granny, was perfectly content to sit in my arms and watch all the people at grandma’s house oh-and-ah over her.

Around dinner time, Kevin and Myron came home, and my cousin Kayla, and her boyfriend, Wayne, came over to see us too. Kayla hadn’t met Madison yet, but didn’t hold her (I think I might have been a baby-hog the whole time). We had to use both of grandma’s tables since so many of us were there to enjoy the tenderloin that Carla cooked on the Traeger.

After dinner, I showed some of them pictures of Danni (though Kim, Kayla, and Kassie had already seen just about all of them on facebook). But grandma enjoyed seeing pictures of her great-granddaughter, who she (and grandpa) say a decade of the rosary for everyday. But, Kayla and Wayne had to head out afterwards.

Later, we walked around outside, us girls sat on the swing and played with Madison, and walked over to the garden. Kassidy, who is the best berry-picker, found some berries for us, and Jen fed me some while I kept holding Madison. I think Kassidy was afraid I would bite her fingers off or something if she fed them to me.

Madison started getting fussy though, and so Carla brought Jen back home, and then headed home herself. Kim and Kassidy didn’t stay around too much longer, and neither had Myron and Kevin. So we headed to bed.

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