Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 6: Vegas, NV

It was a fairly relaxing, uneventful day. We ate our cold pizza from the night before for breakfast/ lunch. We tried to get tickets again at the Coke bottle for the Tournament of Kings. They were sold out, but I asked an old man working there if that meant that they were sold out at the hotel as well. He said no, just that they were sold out of the tickets they were given for a discount.

Adam had kept seeing people walking around with yard long margaritas and had been bugging me to get one since he saw them. We saw them for the cheapest we’d seen right next to the Coke bottle. We ordered a raspberry one and shared it. It was delicious in the heat of the day!
Then we walked back towards our hotel, but stopped across the street at the Excalibur to see if they had tickets for tonight’s show. They did! We bought the tickets and headed back to our hotel. We decided to kill a little time and to play our $100 promotional slots at Hooters. Other than a couple extra spins, we didn’t win anything.

Then we headed back upstairs, but since it was an earlier show, with dinner, we didn’t hang out at our hotel for too long. We were in the front row, in the Spain section. Adam said we had the cool king, because he did a back flip off the side. I thought we had the cute king. Dinner was very good: Cornish game hen, potatoes, broccoli, and a roll, topped off with dessert of an apple fritter. It was a neat show, different than most I’ve seen. The show was shorter, so we had more time afterward too.

So we went back to our room and I used more of my honeymoon coupons. I used one that said “an evening with champagne and intimate conversation,” but we skipped the champagne since we didn’t have any and Adam doesn’t like it anyway. Then I used “go to a movie of my choice,” but we stayed in our room and watched Sweet Home Alabama on my laptop.

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