Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 13: Los Angles, CA - PODS Day!

PODS day! They day we had been waiting for! Adam and I weren’t really comfortable packing the rest of the stuff in the house, so while Jacque and Corey were packing the last of the boxes, Adam carried boxes from their condo down to the sidewalk, and I sat in one of their antigravity chairs reading a book, making sure no one stole their stuff. I know, I really did have the hardest job! Then Corey, thinking that I had an easy job or something, gave me his cell phone for when the PODS people called to say they were on their way.

The PODS pod finally got there around 11am. It was super cool to watch then drop it off. The lady had a remote control for this pod mover that had an engine on the back and for posts with wheels that can turn on a dime. And the thing lifts the pod up off the truck, then she steers it with her remote control and pulled it into the parking space, and lowered it. Then unhooked the thing and used her remote control to steer the mover back onto her truck. Super cool.

Then the hard work began (for me anyway!). We started moving stuff actually into the pod. Jacque and Corey wanted certain things that they would need right away towards the front. So we made a pile off to the side, then started throwing the rest of the stuff in the pod, using the mattress, box spring, and some furniture to hold boxes in and help with tying things in place. Kelly came again, about half way through packing the pod, and helped.

To my surprise, we finished about 3pm, and at that point we all needed showers. Kelly invited us over after we had showered, and headed home. While Jacque and I showered, Adam and Corey bubbled wrapped Corey’s most precious belong (his flat screen tv), and packed it in our car (he worried about it in the pod).

Once they had showered, we picked up Addy from daycare and headed to Kelly’s, where we waited around for some of their friends to show up. Once most everyone was there, we headed to In-and-Out burger for dinner, as Corey had to eat there one last time before they left Cali. Jacque and Corey wanted to spend time talking with their friends for probably the last time, so Adam and I hung out at the end of the tables. But I ended up talking to one of their friends, Lance for a while. Nice guy. Before we left though, we all stood in front of the In-and-Out sign and one of the employees took a picture of all of us. Jacque and Corey, of course, donning their In-and-Out burger hats.

Then we headed back to Kelly’s house and hung out for a little while, until people started leaving (and Addy started getting tired). When we got home, Corey put Addy straight to bed, and she was out without fussing. We talked for a couple minutes, got ready for bed, and said our goodbyes, which really didn’t seem like good-bye, but more of a ta-ta-for-now. Since pretty much everything was in the pod, Addy slept in Jacque & Corey’s room in her play pen, Jacque and Corey slept in Addy’s room on the Murphy bed, and Adam and I slept on the pull-out bed (which wasn’t theirs, but was getting donated to the Salvation Army) in the living room.

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