Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Last Ultrasound :(

Mom met me at MN Perinatal this afternoon, Krista (my favorite u/s tech) greeted us shortly thereafter. He brought us back and asked if we remembered meeting Mary Peterson, one of the nurses at the United clinic. I said the name sounded familiar, but I couldn't remember. She told us that she lost her battle with cancer, and her wake was this evening. She said it was the saddest thing to happen within Perinatal since Dr. Burris died in the car accident in September 2009 (when we got pregnant with Danni).

Krista started scanning, and she was breech again. She could see all the organs & stuff again: kidneys, gall bladder, spleen, diaphragm, stomach, longs, two brain hemispheres... Then of course the heart. She turned to mom, and said, "Ready for something you've never seen before?" Mom stood up close to the monitor, and Krista scanned her 4-chamber heart. I think she was trying to hide it, but mom started tearing up. She took her heart rate, and it was 143 bpm (or maybe 147... I'm having a hard time remembering...) Krista made sure that we had gotten a picture last time of her heart, and I said yes.

She kept trying to scan baby's face to get a nice profile shot, but our baby girl always had her hands in front of her face. That makes it difficult to get good 3D ultrasound photos, so we still didn't get any. I can say though that I think she is much more lady-like than her big sister. She, again, kept her legs together, but Krista could still see that she was indeed still a girl. (Danni always had her legs spread apart for all the world to see her goods.)
Baby girl's profile
 She always has her hands in front of her face.
 Tiny foot!
 She's looking at us!

After she finished scanning, she said that Dr. Ahanya would be in to see us. She left the jelly & towel on my tummy, but when he came in, he just flipped through the pictures on the screen that Krista had already taken, and didn't do any more scanning. She weights 1 pound 4 ounces, and was "average" in all her size measurements, meaning we should have a 7-pound baby (since that's "average"). He said all looked good and we had made a healthy baby. When he flipped through some of her head shots, he commented, "If you lived in California, she'd be signing contracts!" He thought she was cute, though I'm not sure how you can tell from a 2D ultrasound before she's even bulked up yet, but I'll take it! She gets it from me! Don't let her daddy tell you otherwise! :)

On our way out, Krista stopped us in the hall, and said that it looked like this was our last ultrasound, but that if Comprehensive wanted an ultrasound done, that I should ask to be sent back there. I guess she couldn't talk Dr. Ahanya into needing another one. And if I can think of any reason to get another ultrasound to try to. I smiled and told her that every time this little girl has been breech (Danni never was!), and I'm worried that she'll stay that way. Since I'm worried about making sure I don't have another c-section, I think I'll need to come in for another one to make sure that she has flipped. She agreed!

Before we left I said goodbye to Wendy & Joan at the front desk, and told them I hoped to try to come back for another one if I could find a reason. Joan said, "Just tell them you haven't felt the baby move, but let's hope that doesn't happen!"

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