Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weddings & Babies

We went to Adam's cousin's wedding last night, and it was a wonderful event! We both had a great time. I really enjoyed watching Adam most of the night, while he enjoyed running around with our niece, Addy. I can tell, just by watching him, that he is wishing he could be doing this with our daughter. He was always volunteering to walk around with her and keep her occupied. (Her mom, Adam's sister, was a bridesmaid in the wedding, so was preoccupied with all-things-wedding-related most of the night. And I think her dad didn't mind having some time to dance with his girl!) Danni would be at the age where Adam wouldn't be so nervous around her (I don't think he knows exactly what to do with an infant, but once he can start interacting & playing with them, then he gets excited.) Of course, while he was chasing her around, I was watching him, while holding Daniel, Adam's cousin, who is about a month old now. I asked him if he wanted to hold him, but he really didn't. Though he did try tickling him to get him to wake up.

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