Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pain, Already?

I remember with Danielle, when I was about 8 months along getting really bad pain in my pelvic region. I had described the pain to Adam, and how it hurt to walk, and he researched it online to see if he could find some answers. He found that it's called pelvic girdle pain (PGP), and that many women get it during pregnancy, some worse than others. As it turns out, I had it fairly bad. The week before I delivered, I was home from work, because I couldn't walk.

At this point, I'm 5 months along, and have already been starting to get PGP again. I'm finding though that some days (or even hours) are worse than others. Sometimes I'm able to "power though it," and other days I'm not. I'm hoping that I can at least make it until June when school is finished without it getting to the point of not allowing me to walk. Then I can sit on the couch, if I need to, until she is born. God willing, it won't get that bad, as I think I would go nuts not being able to do things around the house. But, at least God has blessed me with a husband who is very, very helpful, so things won't go "undone."

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