Friday, July 29, 2011

No More Ultrasounds

We went in for (what should be) our last ultrasound. Julie was our tech again. She measured baby's fluids and got 13.4 cm (even more than last week!). She checked everything for a biophysical profile (BPP) as well, though she didn't tell us what she scored. I assumed 8 out of 8, since she didn't say anything. Plus, I saw 3 out of the 4 things that they look for, and felt the fourth one (a nice, good kick in the ribs!). Baby was actually, I think, in a better position for a 3D, but I didn't think to ask this time. Bummer. But we did get a couple 2D pictures of her.

After the quick scan, Dr. Ledella came in and said everything looked good and that they wouldn't need me to come in again. Then she said the first thing that made me not want her as my doc this time around. (I will preface this with, if I had a high-risk pregnancy again, I would, without a doubt, go back to her in a heartbeat. But, for a normal pregnancy, I'm glad she's not my doc.) She said, "If you don't go into spontaneous labor by week 39 you'll have to schedule another c-section, because they won't induce you."

With all the reading and networking I've done, that's not necessarily true. Yes, they don't like to induce you, as it greatly lessens your chances of having a successful VBAC. But, they will let me go longer than 39 weeks. One of my old co-workers was just allowed to go to 42 weeks before they scheduled her second c-section. Forty weeks is, by far, not out of the question, since that is supposed to be the length of a pregnancy.

It was kind of discouraging to hear her say that, because now I'm starting to worry what will happen if I don't go into labor. I didn't feel any contractions with Danielle before she was born. What if I don't have any with this one either? I don't want to go under the knife again. It is a little encouraging that I think I have been starting to feel a few, very small, contractions, but I've also heard that women have contractions like that throughout the third trimester, and still end up with a c-section. I just have to keep thinking positive thoughts! I can do this!

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