Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Doc Said What?

Today we had my 37 week appointment with the new doctor at Comprehensive, Dr. Nelson. When she came in the room, she didn't bring her laptop in, didn't have me undress for the internal exam, and said she does things a little differently than the rest of the docs there. She handed me my "present" (a toiletries bag packed with the essentials), but said she couldn't take credit for it. She first told me that my group B strep test came back positive, and asked if I knew what that meant. My sister-in-law had just been telling me about it a couple days ago, so I knew that it meant my hopes of not having an IV at all were dashed. They have to give me a dose of antibiotics while I am in labor so that I don't pass it on to the baby.

Then she asked if I wanted an internal exam. She didn't find it necessary as they are rather uncomfortable, but said if I was curious she could do one. I agreed, they are uncomfortable, and opted not to have one. But she had me hop up on the table to listen to the baby's heart. She was right about 125 bmp. She made a comment about how I was carrying low, and I replied that she still managed to sit in my stomach. Then I added that it was because her fluid levels were low. With that, she said she wanted to double check my chart, so went back out of the room.

While she was out, my ever-attentive husband *insert eye-roll* said, "You have herpes?"

Slightly confused, I said, "What?"

He responded, "The doctor said that you tested positive for herpes strep."

I said, "No, it's group B strep."

Then Dr. Nelson came back in and asked if I was getting another ultrasound for the fluid levels. I said yes, and explained that the levels were back up last week, and I was measuring bigger, so as long as the levels are good tomorrow they won't make me come back for another one. She seemed to agree with that.

Then I told her that I had two questions. I laughed and said the first one was because of him, as I pointed at Adam. I asked what she said I tested positive for, and she again said "group B strep." I laughed again and said, "See told ya!" Then explained to her that Adam thought she had said herpes strep, and she laughed too, and assured him that's not what it was.

The other question I had for her was about banking the baby's cord blood. She said the lady that deals with that type of thing had already left for the day, but she would put a note on her desk for her to call me tomorrow. And off we went!

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