Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Appointment, His Walk-in Visit

This pregnancy seems so uneventful... not that I'm complaining at all, but it's not what I'm used to! We had our appointment today. I guess I still had some records to transfer from Abbott and Perinatal, so I had two forms to fill out. They wanted a urine sample, I guess that happens at every visit. But I didn't realize it, since it was only once in a while with Danni, so I had gone before we left home. Oops.

Dr. Daphne Tumaneng talked to me about getting in within three weeks for the glucose test. Apparently they are one of the first in the area to use the new test. You have to fast for 8 hours, come in and get a finger prick, drink the "delicious" stuff, get pricked an hour later, and then again another hour later. I told her there was no way I would be able to do that test. I would have to do it in the morning (try telling a pregnant lady not to eat all day... plus, my guess would be that then they'd yell at me for not gaining enough weight or eating or something...). And I can't take off anymore work to sit in an office for 2 hours playing the waiting game. So she signed off on letting me take the old test and gave me a bottle of the stuff to drink before I come in. That should make the appointment go a little quicker. I remember with Danielle, I went in and drank the stuff before the ultrasound, then I think I only had to wait like another 15-20 minutes for the blood draw. But these appointment are so much quicker...

After she talked about the glucose test and we quickly got that figured out, she measured my uterus, and listened to the baby's heart (150 bpm). Then that was it... we were on our way!

Oh I guess I forgot to mention that they started this new program called "Pampered Pregnancy." So at every appointment they will have a little gift for me. This time it was stretch mark cream. It smells really good, but I haven't used it yet. I didn't get any last time, and I'm hoping I won't this time either!

Well, now I guess you're wondering about the "His Walk-in Visit" part of the title. I included Adam's doctor visit in my prenatal visit post, only because his was slightly more interesting...

We went to my parent's house for dinner after my appointment, because it was their anniversary. As we were sitting at the dinner table, my mom asked Adam what was on his arm. Adam had thought it was a zit or something, I had thought it might be a spider bit, but then decided to agree with Adam, but I didn't really look that hard at it, because at the time we were in the car on the way to my appointment. Adam pulled up his sleeve a little, so that everyone could see it a little better. Dad said, "That looks like the "bullseye," you should have that looked at." So we decided that we'd run into urgent care after dinner (but before dessert), to have it looked at. The nurse and the doctor agreed. So the doc gave him a prescription for something, and sent him to the lab for the Lyme's Disease test. He said we should find out in a few days if he really does have it, but they wanted to start him on meds, just in case.

The strange part is we haven't really been in the "outdoors" where you would typically think of getting a tick. And Adam doesn't remember ever seeing a deer tick or anything on him. So we're really not sure where he could have gotten it. But I guess we'll find out in a few days if he really does have it...

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