Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gestational Diabetes Test

Why is it that the day I have the gestational diabetes test, I crave sweets, and forget that I have the test? This morning during PAWS (kind of like homeroom, but after 2nd hour), I craved chocolate, so dug out a fun-sized Kit Kat bar. Later, when I was checking my mail, I saw cookies sitting out, so I grabbed one and halfway though remembered my sugar levels were being tested today. And since drinking my normal Nalgene full of ice water makes me feel sick, I've been drinking Crystal Light all day.

I left work right at the end of the school day, so I could drink the glucose, meet Adam at home, and head out. Today, we saw the nurse practitioner, Aimee Neumann. I asked her about a spot of pain that I have on my tummy when I am feeling the baby. She said it's fairly normal, and it may be that I have a bruise there. She measured my tummy, and felt for the baby. She said that it felt like she was head down with her little butt up on my left side. Then she listened to the heart rate: 140 bpm. Before she sent us on our way, she handed me my next "pampered pregnancy" gift: a free 1/2 hour massage at their clinic! I'd been thinking about how nice it would be to have one, but am worried about spending the money on one, if I don't have a job next year. So this will be a nice treat! We didn't have any other questions, so she sent us out to the lobby to wait to be called back for the gestational diabetes test.

We were called rather quickly (as it hard pretty much already been 1 hour since I drank the orange glucose). This time it was only a finger prick, and I was able to sit in a chair without passing out! I thought they would have to send out my blood and get back to me, but the nurse assistance said it only takes a couple seconds. We watched her put the slides with my blood into a machine, and waited for the quick results. She said, "95, you passed." I asked her what the highest you could get and still pass, and she said 140. Holy buckets! I was worried about eating that sugar for nothing! She also checked my hemoglobin levels, which I guess were also normal (I think an 11.9).

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