Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Indecisive Belly Button

Last night, Adam and I were laying in bed reading, when I felt something weird on my tummy, on my belly button. I moved my book and my belly button, which had popped around 12 weeks this time, was slowly sinking inwards. Then, all of a sudden, it popped back out! And slowly started to sink inwards again, but from the side this time. Adam poked my belly button a couple times, and said, "There's something there!" No sooner had he poked it, my whole belly jumped. He poked it again and said, "Hey there little missy," and she jumped again. We watched her for a couple minutes pushing my belly button out, then letting it sink back in.

In the morning, Adam had his hand resting on the side of my tummy. She was kicking all around, but not near his hand where he could feel her. But she got there eventually and kicked him, and in his half-awake state he chuckled a little, and moved his hand to feel her better. With the icky weather, it was a good day to lay in bed and feel our youngest daughter letting us know she was there too!


Andrea said...

Aww, makes me want to be pregnant again, I love those moments of interacting with the baby in the belly.

Sarah Gibson said...

It is fun! And I seem to enjoy it even more when Adam can interact too.