Thursday, August 4, 2011

Name Searchs

I just got a phone call from Comprehensive. When I saw it on the caller ID on my phone, I thought it was a little early to get the reminder phone call for my appointment next Tuesday. When an actual person responded when I said, hello, I was a little shocked (they have an automated thing that calls to remind you about appointments), and wondered what was wrong, what they found in my chart or something.

Turns out Dr. Tumaneng was "Googling" her name and stumbled across my blog. (I have to say that takes dedication, because I just tried "Googling" her name a couple different ways and didn't come up with this blog on the first 8 or so pages, so I gave up!) I guess she had read my last post about trying to make sure the car seat is installed properly and she had Heather call me and let me know about their Welcome Baby Care program that will check them. I'm not sure if they charge or not, but I have an appointment with the police department to get it all checked out!

I also have a message into a pediatrician that was recommended by one of my friends so that we should hopefully have that all lined up before she comes!

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