Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Birth Plan for Nora

I wanted to post this, just to show you how we "planned" our birth to go, then you can read her actual birth story, and see why we threw a lot of it we just threw out the window! (I posted what really happened in italics on here too.)
Birth Plan for the Gibson Family

We request informed consent for both Sarah and our daughter.

-want to be able to get up and move around and/or use a labor tub or birth ball (I really thought I would labor in the tub, but didn't)
-want the least amount of monitoring as possible (I had continuous monitoring)
-would like IV in left arm & use numbing agent before
-would like to be able to eat and drink during labor (I could, but didn't really, other than water & ice chips)
-would just like my doula, Ashley, and my husband, Adam, in the room (My mom joined us for the birth)

-prefer dim lighting
-may want calming music 
-want to wear my own clothes (I decided I'd rather dirty their clothes than have to wash mine when I got home)

-would prefer more natural methods of helping labor progress (changing positions, etc.)
-avoid all methods of induction
-do not want membranes ruptured
-do not want Pitocin

Pain Management
-would not like any pain medication offered to me
-would like pain medication available only if I request it

-would prefer to risk a tear than have an episiotomy
-want to wait until I feel the urge to push (I never actually felt anything!)
-would like to try the squat bar or possibly another position to deliver her
            -prefer not to be on my back (Since I had the epidural, that was the only position I could be in)
-would like Adam on one side and Ashley on the other
-want our daughter placed on my chest immediately after she is born
            -if she needs immediate medical attention, Adam will be with her
-Ashley may take pictures at any time with our camera

After Delivery
-wait to cut the cord until it has stopped pulsating
-Adam might want to cut the cord
-wait for the newborn procedures and assessment
-would like our daughter’s assessments done in my presence
-wait for the placenta to release itself (don’t tug on it) (The doctor had to physically remove it herself)
-ask if I would like to see the placenta (I’m not sure if I will or not) (I was to enthralled with my daughter to look at it, but it was offered, and Ashley took a picture for me to look at later)
-would like to see a lactation consultant

For our Daughter
-I will be breastfeeding, please do not give
            -pacifiers/ nuks
            -water or glucose water
-Adam and/or I would like to give her, her first bath (I wanted to, but couldn't because of the epidural, and I think Adam was too nervous to do it)
-we would like her to room with us


Ashley said...

You didn't throw it out the window. You knew your priorities and you knew what was best for you to make informed decisions to help you have a successful VBAC. Looking forward to reading your story and I'll send you my notes from your birth :)

Sarah Gibson said...

It's true! I was afraid I wouldn't have the energy to push when the time came if I didn't get the epidural... and I'm okay with that! :)