Thursday, February 10, 2011

Telling the Gibsons

So Sarah wants me to tell the story of me telling my parents. Seeing as how I am the one that did it, I guess that makes sense. So there we were.....

No, for real, we were in the car driving to Jacque and Corey's house for a Super Bowl Party when I decided to call. I had wanted to call for a few weeks, but just didn't seem to ever get to it. Something would come up or I would forget or whatever. So I decided that I was definitely going to call before the weekend was up. Little did I know that they were in Duluth for the weekend and unreachable by phone. So I waited until Sunday night when I was sure they would be home before I called. My mom answered right away and after a few pleasantries I told her the big news. It went a little something like this:

M: "So is there a reason for your call or are you just catching up?"
A: "Well, I was kind of wondering if you knew off hand what you were doing around August 14th?"
M: After a quick hushed side conference with my dad "We are free that weekend, why?"
A: "Because Sarah and I are expecting our second child and that is the due date."
M: "Oh, Adam, seriously? Wow! We are so happy for you!"

Or something like that anyway. I think that it didn't have a very large impact because of the rumor that has been circulating for a few months (since before we even knew) that Sarah was pregnant. So I don't think it was a huge surprise, nor do I think it will be a huge surprise to much of anyone because of one misconstrued comment on Facebook.

13 Weeks, 4 Days

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