Sunday, February 27, 2011

Facebook Official!

So I guess we can make it "Facebook Official" now, and announce that we're having a baby (due August 13, 2011, I'm currently 16 weeks along). We talked about when we wanted to tell other people, since with Danielle, we felt that the pregnancy was very public. (I had a lady at St. Bernard's come up to me after Danni died, and say that I must be the teacher that was pregnant that they were praying for the baby.) We were very glad to have all the prayers from so many different people and places, and I really enjoyed keeping people updated on her progress (I think it helped to keep my spirits up!). But this time, we wanted to play it more low-key. We joked about showing up for Christmas one year with a 5-year-old, and springing the news then. I kind of wanted to wait until 20-weeks, but with rumors that were started among our family, and Adam's sister's wedding approaching (I'm a bridesmaid, and will be 6-1/2 months along), we decided to tell them sooner. I have shared it with my boss and co-workers, so now we can make it news for the rest of the world!

I'll be keeping this blog though out the pregnancy (and probably as the little one grows up... we'll see how busy our second one keeps me!), like I did with Danielle. We hope that it will only have good news to bring you, and look forward to sharing the story of our Rainbow Baby with you!

15 Weeks, 4 Days
(I was once told that this sweater made me look pregnant, so it's working great as a maternity sweater!)

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