Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Math Babies!

Yesterday, I made an appointment with Perinatal for my 17 week u/s. It was for Friday at 1pm on a day that I had workshops (no sub needed!). But, if Adam were to go, he would be missing his two most difficult classes that day. He didn't like that, and being a teacher, I wasn't too fond of it either. So he asked me to reschedule, especially since this u/s we should be able to find out the gender.

Before I rescheduled, I wanted to ask one of my co-workers, Sherrie, if she would be able to cover for me for 7th hour, if I was able to change it. She said it wouldn't be a problem, and since there wouldn't be any "paperwork" for subbing, that I wouldn't have to worry about taking from my sick leave hours (the district only lets you take them in 4 or 8 hour chunks, and I would only be needing an hour at most).

Today, on my prep, I called and got it switched to Tuesday (when Adam's done early with class). I was able to get a 2:30 appointment! (Our school day goes until 2:15pm, and usually the latest I could get them was 2pm.) Of course, I asked who it was with, and, unfortunately, it is with Dr. Danilinko (known as "the scary doctor" from my other blog from my pregnancy with Danielle). I took it anyway though. I figured at the last appointment I had at Perinatal, I didn't even see Dr. Calvin, so hopefully, I won't see "the scary doctor" at this appointment. Plus, I'm hoping that I'll have Krista again as my u/s tech, and if something really is wrong, that she'll let us know right away, instead of sending the doctor in.

Anyway, I digress... I sent Sherrie an email just asking if she could cover the last 10 minutes or so of my 7th hour that day so that I could leave and get there on time.

At lunch, the ladies were talking about Sue, another math teacher, who is currently pregnant with her second, and due in May. (Apparently, with her first child, Sue was in labor during the school day, but just kept teaching. She had Katie that evening.) I figured it would be a fine time to bring up my news. I said, "Well, I asked Sherrie if she would cover one of my classes at the end of the day, because I am going to have an ultrasound. We are pregnant with our second." Sherrie said that she was wondering if that's what it was, because she said I had a "twinkle" in my eye when I asked if she could cover my class. But she said she didn't want to ask then, since there were so many people around. Jane, the math department head, said that she already knew, but was waiting for me to say something. She said she didn't hear it from Polly or Pete (the principal & vice principal), who I had already told. (Now I'm wondering where she heard it. I'll have to ask tomorrow.)

Later during my 6th hour prep, Shannon, another math teacher, who's the same age as me, came in and said she heard about my news. She said that she's only 3 weeks behind me! (There's going to be lots of new babies in the math department!) She said she's already had one u/s for dating the pregnancy, and she's having another at 12 or 13. I asked if she was doing the first trimester screening, and she said she didn't think so. I explained what it was, and then encouraged her to ask about it.

So now I can tell the students... whenever I get around to it!

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