Thursday, August 9, 2012

Oops... the Ultrasound on the Calendar

Originally written June 30, 2012

So we watched Baby Reese on Wednesday, and when Adam's sister, Jacque, came to pick her up, she was checking out his new tablet. Neither of us really thought twice about it. She started reading off random things she saw on it, and then came to the calendar. She read off a couple things (that's when it hit Adam, that's she was going to find out), and then said, "Uh, Sarah, is there something you want to tell me?" (that's when it hit me). Our first trimester screen, on Friday, was right up there on his calendar for her to see. So we confessed, and told her she's the only one that knows now. So she said, other than her husband, C, she wouldn't tell anyone, but she was super excited that she knew before their oldest brother, Jon.

So Friday rolled around, and we had our screening. When they called to confirm my appointment, I asked them if I really needed to see Joan, the genetic counselor, for a whole hour, as I've already been through two kids with her. So we got it switched to a half hour. Joan was excited to see little Nora, and carried her back to her office. Nora didn't seem to mind at all. Being as she pretty much had everything from Danielle, we didn't talk much about genetic stuff. There were two new kids in the family that are healthy, and Adam's mom died of cancer. Joan did ask if I wanted to be part of a research study called "Non-Invasive Chromosomal Examination of Trisomy Study" (NEXT Study). The study is to help identify birth defects, like Down Syndrom, by examining the baby's blood that transfers across the placenta to the mother, instead of doing an amnio or CVS, which put the baby at risk.

After I agreed to the study, Joan brought me to Krista's ultrasound room, and Krista (my favorite ultrasound tech of all time) followed us down the hall, doting on Nora as we went. (They all thought she looks just like Adam, of course.) Then we got down to business, scanning the little guy. He has 10 fingers, 10 toes, and a heart on the left side. He also had a full bladder (so the kidneys are working), and a full stomach (so he's swallowing). He measured 6.21 cm from crown to rump (12 weeks 5 days), while his foot was .9 cm long, and his heart rate was 168 bpm. He was an active little guy the whole time (I think he was moving more than Nora was at her screening!), and Adam commented how we're going to be in trouble when we have both of them running around. As I was watching little Ender move around on the screen, I was feeling these "gas bubbles" move around like I've been feeling for about a week now. I guess I've been feeling him squirm around inside me this whole time, and didn't even realize it. (I don't know when I started to feel Danni move around, but I know for sure by 20 weeks I had felt her. Nora's placenta was in the front, so I didn't feel her kick until around 16 weeks.)

Dr. Ahanya stopped in to see Nora too and tell us that all looked well. While we were waiting for him to stop in, I started to get a little nervous, because I thought I remember with Nora's screening that we didn't even see the doctor. But I kept telling myself not to worry.

All-in-all we got good news, the only bad news was that at this point, I have placenta previa (the placenta is over my cervix). Krista asked if I had had any bleeding, but I haven't at all (even though I did with Nora). After reading an article on WebMD about it though, I realized that I wasn't totally crazy. I thought I was having very small minor contractions, and it turns out that that is a side effect of placenta previa. The good news is that at 12 weeks, there is still a 90% chance that as my uterus grows with the baby, the placenta will rise higher above my cervix. But, if it's still like that at my 20-week ultrasound, chances are I will have to have a c-section.

And now without further ado, the ultrasound pictures...

Measuring 1 week older than Momma thinks
The alien shot
Tiny hand
Little leg
Guess he's got big feet!

How far along?: 11 weeks 6 days
Total weight gain/loss: I think I might be up a pound. Though, last weekend I went to Katie & Derek's BaBy-Q, and then a graduation open house for my mom's cousin's kid, Ryan, so I ate A LOT of food.
The Bump: Well, last week, Jon told me I looked amazing, and this week my mom mentioned something about my baby belly from Nora and how it hasn't gone away or something. I think it's getting harder to hide it, especially from people that know me well and see me often.
What I’m excited about/looking forward to: Telling people. I thought I would tell my mom when we are out in Oregon visiting her family. Her birthday falls while we are out there, so I thought it would make a good birthday surprise (if she doesn't already suspect!).
Maternity Clothes: Still none. In fact, yesterday I bought a pair of regular capris that fit just fine in my regular size. On another note, my sister-in-law found my belly band! :) I'm sure I'll want that soon-ish.
Symptoms: Hungry. All. The. Time. (I tried a Preggie Pop today, and that seemed to satisfy my stomach until I could make a sandwich.)
Belly Button in or out?: Still kind of out.
Food Cravings/Aversions: Now it's a fried egg sandwich with cheese and bacon. I keep making them for lunch and they're SO yummy!
What I miss: I guess nothing really right now. I seem to have my energy back for the most part, and I'm over the icky-sicky part.
Milestones: Tomorrow marks the end of the first trimester! :)

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