Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Baby Reese

My sister-in-law & her husband just had their second baby girl, Theresa. While they were in the hospital delivering baby Reese, we watched their older daughter, Addy, overnight. (I've posted about Addy before.) While Addy was here, she found the "Danni Book," as she calls it. And while I was nursing Nora, she sat down next to me and pointed out Baby Danni, Uncle Adam, Auntie Sarah, Auntie Neese, and Uncle Jon, and "read" the book to me, telling me how Baby Danni was crying and what-not.

Baby Reese was born overnight, and the next day her mom and dad had posted a photo of her on Facebook. We pulled it up and showed Addy. We told her it was her little sister, and that her name was Reese. Then a couple minutes later we asked her who the baby was in the picture. She said Danni Jo. When we took her to the hospital to meet and and see her mom and dad again, her dad introduced her to her baby sister, Reese. While I was holding Baby Reese, both Addy and Nora were hanging out by me, so I was asking Addy about her sister again. I asked her what her name was, and she again told me Baby Danni.

I love that she remembers Baby Danni (we just had her birthday part over the weekend, so I'm sure she's fresh in her mind), but I sure hope she figures out that her baby sister is Reese!

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