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2011 Christmas Letter

The Christmas Herald
6 Weddings & a Baby: 
The Gibson’s 2011 Year in Review
By Sarah Gibson, 
Edited by Adam, Danielle (19 months), & Eleanor (4 months)

Adam & I at his sister’s wedding in Chicago.
Our year started off with a secret that was hard not to mention in last year’s Christmas letter. (You’ll figure it out as you read on.)
January: We went up to Faith’s Lodge to spend a weekend together, and with other couples that had lost babies. We met 5 wonderful couples whose children are Danielle’s playmates in heaven. Later that month, we went to our first wedding, one of my childhood neighbors, Brandon, got married.
February: Not much noteworthy happened. We celebrated Valentine’s day, and I’m sure I bought a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s with green olives (yuck!) on half just for Adam. What a loving wife I am!
March: We babysat our niece, Addy, for a whole weekend, while her parents went to Chicago to work on planning their wedding.
April: Two weddings! Adam’s brother, Charles, got married to Kitty, and we were both in the wedding. Then at the end of the month, Adam’s cousin, Laura, got married to Steve as well.
May: Our softball season started with the Pros & Cons for the 3rd year. I wasn’t allowed to play, again, this year. While I am a good player (I played softball before joining the league, Adam did not), I was 6 months pregnant. We did miss a softball game when we went to Chicago for Adam’s sister, Jacque’s, wedding. I was a bridesmaid for Jacque, and Adam was a groomsman for Corey. Later that month, we also became the Godparents of Adam’s cousin, Daniel Joseph.
June: I finished my last day of school at Eagan High School, and with budget cuts, I lost my job again. So I began my job hunt, again. I would say that Adam has his last day of the school year, but he took summer classes all summer long, and also started working weekends for Pepsi. Then came out 5th wedding: Adam’s boss at UPS got married.
July: We attended our 6th wedding, the wedding of one of my grade school friends, Sarah. The next day, July 17th, Adam’s mom, Elisabeth Therese (Beth), lost her battle with cancer. This was her 3rd battle with it, and, sadly, it finally won out.
August: On August 12th, we welcomed our second daughter, Eleanor Elisabeth (named after my grandma, and Adam’s mom) to the world. We think she looks a lot like her big sister, Danielle. The week after she was born, we had our softball playoffs, and even though we lost the game, we considered it a win, since we didn’t get 10-runned (where the other team gets 10 more runs than you, and the ump calls the game in their favor, because you have no hope of winning).
September: Since I didn’t find a job, I became stay-at-home momma extraordinaire, and Adam went back to St. Thomas to continue his education to become an electrical engineer. At the end of the month, we had Nora baptized at St. Patrick’s Church.
October: Momma & Daddy had their first date night since Nora was born, and Grandma Denise & Grandpa Jack loved being able to babysit her. Then, of course, Nora dressed up for her first Halloween. She was the cutest skeleton you’ve ever seen!
Eleanor at 3 ½ months doing tummy time.
November: My mom, Nora, and I abandoned Adam and dad to take Nora out to Oregon on a plane to meet my mom’s family. Nora did very well on the plane, to my surprise.
December: We are eagerly waiting to celebrate Nora’s first Christmas and hope that you have a wonderful celebration with your family as well!

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