Saturday, December 26, 2015

We Had A Lot to Say in 2015!

First of all, let me apologize to anyone who didn't get a Christmas picture from us. I used two different companies and had problems with both! But, here it is! And here's the letter that went with it...

Nora: "That's when Sam was in mommy's tummy."
Grandma: "Then he came out of mommy's tummy."
Nora: "Yeah, he came out in pieces then mommy fixed him back together."

While playing doctor, Grandma was trying to get kisses from Nora after a shot. Nora replies, "Doctors don't give kisses."

Nora, holding up a Chinese noodle from her salad, says, "This is an angry worm."

Nora: I got cereal down my naked. Silly cereal!

Adam: True to gender stereotypes, he appears to be a much better driver than she is.

Nora: *super excited* I just licked Sam and Sam just licked me!

Nora: I'm still hungry, I want pickles.
Sarah: You had pickles at breakfast.

Adam: *undress Sam for bed, starts putting Sam's jammies on him*
Sam: *begins crying*
Adam: *realizes he forgot the important step of a clean diaper before bedtime & proceeds to change Sam's diaper and puts jammies back on*
Sam: *coos & babbles*

Adam to Nora: Hey, you're not Grandpa, quit poking him with a stick!

Nate: *crying*
Nora: Oh, Nate, you're okay. You're so nice. You're so smart.

Adam: Do not send me to the grocery store anymore without supervision.

Nora: Thank you for putting my clothes out momma... ...maybe we should write you a thank you note.

Sarah: Sam is not a horsey, he is a little baby. Get off.

Nora: Can you let me focus on eating? Talking doesn't let me focus on eating.

Nora: Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Spider-Man, and the Doctor will hold my hand if I'm scared.

Adam to Nate: We do not strip at the dinner table.

Nora, seeing a man in a cowboy hat, says, "That's somebody else's Grandpa Mike!"

Sarah: If your tummy says, 'I'm full,' or 'I don't feel good,' you just stop eating and you can finish it later.
Nora: Umm, my tummy doesn't talk.

Sarah: *singing* You and me baby, we're stuck like glue.
Adam: I wouldn't say we're that close.

Sarah: How about a French braid today?
Nora: Oh! That's kinda like French fries.
Sarah: Um, not quite.

Modesty from a 3 year old who was wearing a cute spring dress: "But people at church will see that I'm not wearing pants!"

Adam: Nora, say, "You're the boy in our relationship."
Nora: You're the boy in our silly ship.

Adam: If you sit on a camel is it like sitting on a water bed?

Sarah: God hadn't made Sam yet.
Nora: Oh! I bet He made him out of puzzle pieces!

Nora SITS Sam in the Bumbo, then tells him, "I'm going to babySIT you."

Nora: Um, which one (bee) stung you?
Adam: I don't know, I think it was Larry.

Adam: ...Maybe I'll pick up a Jimmy John's the night before.
Sarah: For breakfast!?
Adam: It's toast... With meat and stuff.

Nora: I just have to go potty. You watch my food and make sure it doesn't get moldy.

Adam: Who do you want to read the story to you?
Nate: Dinosaur read!
Adam: Dinosaurs can't read.
Nate: No, they have hands. See!

Nora: Mom! You forgot something in your picture of our house... Oh, and the sun and the moon... And the earth.

Adam: Do you smell licorice?
Sarah: I smell spray paint.
Adam: Yeah, or that.

Sarah: Sam, can you say treadmill?
Sam: *some utterance that's not even close*
Sarah: Can you say dada?
Sam: DA-da DA-da dada dada dada...
Sarah: Can you say mama?
Sam: Dada.
Sarah: *sigh*

Nora: Mommy, do you have a baby in your tummy?
Sarah: I do!

So from our family to yours we hope you have a very blessed Christmas season!

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