Thursday, January 12, 2012

"Swimming in Medical Bills"

One of my friends posted on Facebook how she's looking forward to the day that they aren't swimming in medical bills, and as I read it, I wished that we were. I wished that we could pay for Danni's heart surgeries (all three of them), for her -what I would assume would have been a long, long- stay in the CVCC, for her visits with her cardiologist, for her trips to the doctor, for her "well child" check ups. I thought about writing a comment to her post, but I'm never sure how people will take them. (Not that I'm usually that concerned with how people think I am handling the grief of loosing my daughter.) But I wanted it to come across as a "look at the bright side" comment, as she and her family are all still alive to talk about (and unfortunately pay) the medical bills. But instead, I find myself sharing it here on my blog that's not to often read (and I'm fine with that!), where she will probably not see it and think of the bright side and how much I wish I could be in her shoes.

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