Thursday, March 24, 2011

Last Appointment at Woodwinds

Mary Kempf, a midwife at Woodwinds, called me yesterday to let me know that I will not be able to have a VBAC at Woodwinds in the next six months. We talked about my different options, but none of them really included delivering at Woodwinds. (More on that in another post...) She asked if I wanted to still keep my appointment with her for today, and I said yes. I have been feeling her move quite a bit more now, but it's still reassuring to hear her heart, especially since I won't have another ultrasound for another 4 weeks.

We went in today, and heard her heart beat (it was between 140-150 bpm), and Mary measured my uterus at 17 cm. She said that was a little on the small side, but also commented that I was a little person, so she wasn't worried. (I won't be worried unless Krista tells me that the baby is measuring too small in 4 weeks at the ultrasound.) We asked her a couple questions, and she sent us on our way. These appointments are so short and quick! I'm not used to it!

19 Weeks, 4 Days

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