Thursday, March 24, 2011

Daddy Felt Her!

Last night after we got back from our dinner date at Outback Steakhouse (thanks to Uncle Dan!), we were sitting on the couch watching season 7 of NCIS. The baby was moving all over the place (she must have enjoyed dinner too!). I often think I feel her on my hand when I am touching my tummy, but then Adam doesn't feel her. But I had him put his hand on my tummy anyway. Of course she stopped moving then. A little bit later, I could feel her moving again, and I was pretty sure I could feel her with my hand too. So Adam put his hand back on my tummy, and he felt her moving around!

I think its one of the things that makes it more real for him. The first one is when I start showing, then when he feel her move, and finally when she's here (then it really hits him!). Now I'm excited to cuddle with him at night and have her kick him in the side, just like her big sister did!

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