Saturday, January 22, 2011

Worried Daddy

We have an electric heating pad on our bed (really it's just for me, as I'm always cold). With Danni and with this one, I've been reading some pregnancy books. Two of them say not to use electric heating blankets, but each has a different reason. One says that they don't know the effects of the "electro-magnetic waves" on a developing baby. The other says that over heating and your body temperature rising above 102 degrees (from heating blankets, hot tubs, hot baths, etc.) is not good for the baby. But it says right after that, that typically people start to feel over heated and get out of the bath or hot tub, or kick off the blankets or turn the heat down.

Both with Danni, and with this one, I have been turning on the heating pad while I am getting ready for bed. Then when I'm done reading and ready to sleep, I turn it off. Adam just realized the other night that I was lying down while it was still on. He was very stern in telling me that he really doesn't want me to be using it. We really don't know what made Danni's organs flip for sure, and he said he wants to take every precaution to make sure it doesn't happen again. Looks like I'll have to cuddle up with him to stay warm!

9 Weeks, 3 Days

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Ashley said...

What I was told by my OB is that hot baths and heating pads/blankets can raise your internal body temp and can affect development. She said the first tri is where it matters the most and I could take hotter baths starting in the second tri but not to over do it because you can get dehydrated.