Friday, January 7, 2011

Dream of Loosing Danni

I had a dream this morning right before I woke up to go to work. The layout of where we were, I likened to my parent's house somehow. The room Danielle was in was where my parents room is, and Adam and I were hanging out in right across the hall, in what would be my brother's room. Adam was playing video or computer games, I don't really know which. I kept going across to check on Danni, and when I walked in she wasn't there. A woman, that I likened to my mom, but it wasn't, wouldn't let me see her. Then I went back into the room that Adam was in and fell to the floor crying, and Adam just kept playing his game. That's when I woke up wanting to cuddle with Adam, but he was at work.

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Denise said...

I'm glad that you are still blogging....I think putting your feelings in printed word helps to purge and heal. Love you baby girl!