Sunday, September 11, 2011

What I Miss About Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with both Danielle and Eleanor, I was so excited to be done with pregnancy. But after giving birth, I missed being pregnant. (Talk about a catch-22.) With Danielle, the main reason was that when she was inside me, she was alive, and I knew she was. I was keeping her alive and safe. With Eleanor, I have found other reasons to miss being pregnant, and I wanted to list them here, so that next time around I can come back and read all of the joyous things about being pregnant that you really don't get once the child is born, so that I'm not so anxious to have the baby. I'm sure I'll keep adding to it as time goes, but here's a start...

1. Showering without hearing a screaming baby and starting to leak milk.
2. Not loosing all your hair.
3. No zits!
4. Getting out the door quicker.
5. Not waking up in the middle of the night to feed a baby (you're constantly feeding them and you don't even have to wake up for it!)
6. To go along with that... sleep!
7. Time to not just remove the old paint from your toenails, but actually put new nail polish on them too... if you can reach, that is.
8. Don't wake up wondering what you slept on, and find a nuk wedged in your side.

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