Friday, June 3, 2011

Sharing Attention

I remember when we were pregnant with Danielle, being very excited to give her my attention: holding her, feeding her, loving her, watching her grow and learn. And being excited to see Adam with her, teaching her, and interacting with her. But at the same time, I wasn't ready to share Adam's attention with her. I wanted to see him with her, but when I wanted his attention, I wanted his full attention, without having to share it with a baby.

I'm starting to feel the same way again. Adam has been playing video games with one of his friends online a lot lately, and it was starting to get to me that he wasn't giving me as much attention. Then I started to think about when this baby comes, and how I will have to share his attention with her as well. (And I'm sure he will still want some time to play video games every once in a while.)

Yesterday, though, Adam came home from school and didn't even turn on the television. I had (pretty much) his complete attention. He read his book while I cooked dinner (much easier for him to put down at a moments notice to talk to me or whatever). We ate our dinner together on the couch and watched a couple episodes of NCIS (we're hooked, and now need season 8!). We probably would have eaten out on the deck, but it was pretty windy out, even though it was great weather otherwise.

I guess I'm feeling a little better about sharing him with a baby, after getting his full attention. But (again) I'm still not sure I'm ready to share his attention, even this second time around.

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