Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Talented Kids!

So a while ago I wrote a post about what Nora could do at 13 1/2 months, and even then I wanted to keep posting every once in a while about the new things she has learned and can do. But, I think what made me actually sit down and write this post, was after reading some articles about homeschooling on the National Home Education Network about getting started homeschooling (I know I'm probably a little a head, but I know I won't always have time to learn about it, so I'll be behind later I'm sure!). A couple of them mentioned about keeping track of what your child knows, just to show yourself that you are helping your child learn. Then on days when you doubt what you're doing is actually working, you can come back and reassure yourself. So, while we aren't officially homeschooling right now, I still wanted to write down what my kids can do. I know it's not good to compare kids, but sometimes you see other kids your child's age and think, "Oh! My child is so much smarter than him/her!" and other times when you see another child (or maybe a different child doing something your kid can't) and think, "Oh, no! That kid is so much smarter than my kid!" But really, especially at this young age, kids are developing at different rates, and in the areas that interest them most. Even with my own two kids, I can see the differences. While Nora was very strong with her large motor skills (crawling at 6 months and walking at 9 months), Nate doesn't seem as interested, but I think he prefers fine motor skills. Nora still isn't really interested in using a fork or spoon at meal time, and I'm guessing Nate will have it mastered by the time he's her age. Alright, without further a due  here's what I came on here to post...

(Oh, and if you're wondering, yes, at this point we are planning on homeschooling our kids.) :)

Nora's List at 20 Months
-say so many words that it's hard to keep a list at this point (it seems like she adds another word or two each day!)
-has such a larger vocabulary that sometimes I surprise myself when I ask her to do something, thinking that she won't know what I'm asking of her, and then she goes and does it
-say several two-word sentences (up peas, down peas, hi bebe -or Dora, or Elmo, but never momma or dada-)
-say a couple three-word sentences (I see ya)
-do simple puzzles
-"help" clean the house or dishes, and cook (she says "ha-p, ha-p" when she wants to help)
-jump and get her feet off the ground
-walks up the stairs like an adult, holding onto the wall, since she can't reach the banister rail
-clip together the many safety buckels in the house (car seats, the swing, high chair, etc.)
-identify several body parts on herself and others (nose -noe-, eyes -aye-, ears, hair, mouth, tongue, teeth -teet-, hands/ fingers, arms -aarm-, legs, toes -wee wee-, feet, tummy, belly button)
-identify people by name in person and in pictures (Nora -raw raw- or Eleanor -i no-, mama or ma me, dada, Nate -nee-, grandma -mama-, grandpa -ga pa-, Addy -ad de-, Linda -da da-)
-identify characters by name (Elmo, Dora, Abby, The Count -ha ha ha-)
-greet people (hi-e, bye bye) sometimes by name (dolly -dol de-, Nate -nee-, etc., but not Momma or Dada)
-knows to stop at the end of the driveway and not go into the street (we're working on the yard & street boundary)
-follow one step, specific directions (Can you put your toothbrush to go upstairs?)
-use manners (please -peas or the sign-, excuse me -me me-)
-identify when Nate is happy (hap pe)
-parts of the sign of the cross (Father & Holy -ho e-, sometimes Son and Spirit, but not necessarily in the right order) using her proper hand
-put her arms in the arm holes of clothes, and put some pairs of socks and her shoes on her feet

Nate's List at 3 1/2 Months
-"stand" with us making sure he doesn't tip over
-hold his head upright
-get his hands into his mouth to suck on
-smile (with dimples!)
-"talk" with ahh's and coo's

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