Saturday, October 30, 2010

Seriously Considering

After thinking that we were pregnant at the beginning of October, getting our hopes up, and starting to get very excited about giving Danielle a sibling, we started seriously considering trying to conceive right away.

I was actually quite surprised when Adam brought up having another child first. He seemed more excited about the possibility of being pregnant, than he was when I told him we were expecting Danni. And with that disappointment, he was serious about trying right away.

That is when we started researching VBACs more online. Adam found the ICAN website, and read as much as he could on there. I was still a little hesitant. I really did want another baby, but I was nervous that my body might not be totally ready to carry another child. I still had twinges of pain near my incision, and I couldn't imagine that getting any less if I had a new child growing inside me and stretching my incision.

We weighted the pros and cons of trying now and waiting until February (the amount of time that ICAN recommends). It would be a little riskier. I would be seven months pregnant at Adam's sister, Jacque's wedding, and would have to make sure my bridesmaid dress would fit right. If we waited until February, the baby would be born about six weeks before winter break (so I would have eight weeks, then Adam would be home another two or three weeks, before we would have to worry about day care).

Everything seemed to point to February, but many women have had VBACs before 18 months, and my bridesmaid dress could be altered to fit a pregnant belly. We were ready, though.

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